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do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

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Foreign language studies are a typical component of curriculums the world over. For this particular essay – do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages, you have to give your opinion. Discuss. One other point to make is that you say ‘the examiner has written’. the […] Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the reply. in the second paragraph I can write about one disadvantage and then present a counter argument. Do you think this question from Cambridge book 11 falls under the same category? From the criteria for Coherence and cohesion, we also know that you must organise your ideas into logical paragraphs so that your argument progresses in a logical way. My question is, regardless of what the examiner has written, can I state it clearly that I can’t see anything positive in this, and then go on to talk about the negative aspects? My advice for these questions is to write a paragraph about each side, and make it clear in the introduction and conclusion which side outweighs the other (i.e. all questions beginning with [to what extent ] is an opinion question only and you need to … For example, a fixed parking space is allocated to each tenant in parking lots and they need to park their vehicles there, but house owners can park their cars in garages. When you are deciding whether to use a treatment, you should think about whether it is more helpful than harmful, not just whether it is helpful.This depends on the size of the good and bad effects. Affordable option . I believe that globalization has contributed a lot to our world. Globalization is mainly used to describe the integration of worldwide economies through foreign investments, trade and technological exchange. Automated Customer Service: Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages The marketplace in the world today is more competitive than ever before. What do we mean by ‘the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?’, Problems can occur when people do not stop to think about their position and write simply to complete the task and focus only on ‘how many ideas/paragraphs’ they are writing. Many thanks gor your detailed answer, actually I’ve read all your books and I’ve been following your blog for a long time, but I have never come across a question where there are two points of view and it asks us to what extent we agree or disagree, I thought when there are two views the question asks us to discuss both views and give our own opinion, do you have any examples for a question that has two views and asks us how much we agree or disagree? Do the disadvantages of nationalism outweigh the advantages? Do you think their advantages outweigh their disadvantages? If you have read my free book, The Key to IELTS Success, then you will know that: 1) focusing on numbers is not a good idea, and. Hi Paulin, When describing a characters confusion, highlighting the deliberately confused sequence of events concerning the misuses of the I felt. The question is asking about which it is better to live in. Ielts essay do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for application essay for university example. Although, it maintains some obvious harmful consequences, this essay will tend to analyze that the advantages of the car may be greater than its disadvantages. For example, one essay sent to me by a follower of my page concluded that the advantages of sharing scientific research far outweighed the disadvantages. Globalization has led to the development of a global market whose foundation is the … To illustrate their advice, they often write their own test questions. Both pros and cons are involved in relation to this tendency.Personally, I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages? Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary schools rather than secondary school. put your answer to the question in the thesis statement in your introduction, you can use the word “outweigh” in your introduction if you want, or you can simply explain if there are more advantages or disadvantages in your opinion, avoid formulaic statements for your thesis statement – this means don’t use a memorised phrase, have one body paragraph which gives details about the opposite side to your opinion, have either one or two body paragraphs which give details of the side you chose to support, re-state your opinion in the conclusion using different language. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? 】 on Graduateway Huge assortment of FREE essays & assignments The best writers! Veel vertaalde voorbeeldzinnen bevatten "the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" – Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen. Read chapter 7 of The key to IELTS Success – I discuss this in detail there. Yes, that’s a good plan – as long as you make it clear that this is a ‘counterargument’ and not something you agree with (the most common problem I see). Or should I explain the advantages and disadvantages with a neutral stance before stating my opinion? The advantages are also greater when your employees don't interact with customers directly, such as if they work in a call center. So, that’s right living in house has more advantages that I will discuss in forthcoming paragraphs. The advantages provided by English as a global language will continue to outweigh the disadvantages.To what extent do you agree. Thanks a lot, mam for your insightful review. Joint Child Custody: Do the Advantages Outweigh the Disadvantages? This seems band 7 to me. Can you give me an example? Included in an information pack is a document that analyses the main advantages and disadvantages of the most widely used refrigerants in cold stores and food processing, namely R404A and R717 (NH3, ammonia), when employed in mechanical … He then explained the main disadvantage: that a nuclear disaster had almost occurred near his home because of information being shared carelessly. People may not see how convenient car wrapping is but aside from this advantage, there are a lot more to which a motorist can enjoy. Too many conclusions I see consist of only one sentence – I don’t believe this is enough – you should aim to write at least 2 sentences. 2. Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping . The essay needs to have balance. Foreign language studies are a typical component of curriculums the world over. or in both the introduction and conclusion? Everything has its two sides. Also, be careful not to change the meaning of the question – the first sentence of your introduction is different to what the question states (few = not many, which is not the same as ‘some’). 2. give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example 73 Secondly, again, examiners are not test writers. This site uses cookies. In other words can we write more disadvantages than the advantages?? Currently, people have the liberty to reside and work anywhere due to the recent advancements in the modes of commuting and communication. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. This type of question is very different from the “positive or negative” essay question. Read about it all below. I imagine that what this person meant by their comment was that you should not simply write about one problem/cause/solution or one /advantage/ disadvantage as it is highly unlikely that there is only one and doing that would result in an essay that is likely to be repetitive and possibly even too short. far outweighed the disadvantages. Any suggestion please? Thanks, Hi Karam, a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that you will always find examples that are different to the ‘rules’ you are given. The truth is that there is no one fixed way to write an essay. My advice for these questions is to write a paragraph about each side, and make it clear in the introduction and conclusion which side outweighs the other (i.e. some people say that students shouldn’t write anything new in the conclusion like any suggestion, is it true? Understanding the Task. It’s the responsibility of every individual to look after their health. I definitely will. It reduces the crime rate a great deal and improves the relationship between the police and the community and it sends a message that crime will not be tolerated at all. Couples seeking divorce often hire lawyers because they cannot come to an agreement of how to split their possessions and assets equally or fairly. Read my free book to learn more about how to think, plan, and logically organise your ideas in writing task 2. If you don’t have it already, you can find the link to the book here: I will definitely send an answer based on the plan I told you. If you cannot see any negatives at all, then you would need to explain this so that you are not ignoring it altogether. Going through your blog was really enlightening I have a question. You must discuss everything mentioned. Firstly,Can we write 2 paras for the advantages and one for the disadvantages to clarify the position?? As a result, their argument is not logical and so their position and their conclusions are not clear. As I explain in my book, to get ideas, think of how this affects your local area – what about local businesses? If you agree that more money should be spent on railways then you would need to explain 1) why the railways deserve / need this money and 2) why roads do not You can’t simply refute the argument without discussing or mentioning the other side. It reduces the crime rate a great deal and improves the relationship between the police and the community … Hi Pauline, Whichever option you choose, you have to explain it and justify your opinion properly in a way that is very convincing for the reader. Is it possible to just have two body paragraphs, and discuss one MAIN problem/advantage in one body paragraph and one MAIN solution/ disadvantage in body paragraph two? Do the advantages of having English as a global language outweigh the disadvantages 82; some people consider price as the most important thing to consider when buying a product or a service . I actually expected to read some of the negative effects this development could have, because “largely” does not mean entirely, and so I expected some discussion of the positive effects, but there is no such thing, can you explain why? Mostly, people prefer to fix all those things on their own. Thanks. This problem is then compounded when people put their own limits on what or how you ‘must’ write (especially the incorrect advice that you ‘must only write about the opinion you agree with’. In analyzing some of the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership, you may conclude that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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