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This one is a bit more rare than its lacier counterpart, so get it when you can! A variety of macros in my refugium is another reason for success from algae barn. Quick View. Dragon's Tongue like other macro algae feed off of ammonia, nitrates, nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium water. Halymenia sp. Dragon’s Tongue Macro Algae $ 40.00. out of stock. I love me some pods and cheato. Great additions and fantastic packaging! Discount for Military, First Responders and more! 2 in the Hag's Cure (Markarth) 10. I love Algae Barn. It’s a pretty algae. It can grow either free-floating or attached to rock (attached individuals can grow to heights of over 1.5 feet in the wild!). Down the road I’d love to have a display refugium with multiple macro algaes and sea horses and mandarins. Posted by. Sure would be nice to win some awesome podlets . Thanks! Always look for slower growing “super pretty” species for display, stay away from chaeto or sea lettuce, and look into getting something like dragons tongue or blue hypnea! I have Chaetomorpha in my refugium and it works well at helping keep nitrates and phosphate low and all my pods are living in it. Would love to receive free pods!! How much flow does the dragon tongue need? 2 in Ansilvund Burial Chambers (Eastmarch) 7. Typically, we ship with USPS Priority Mail. It can be used to make potions at an alchemy lab as part of alchemy. STOCK-algae-dragons-tongue. Thank you for this info! Macro Algae Mermaid Fan Macro Algae $ 20.00. out of stock. I plan on growing and keeping several of these algaes in my refugium. The tips of this Halymenia often fork giving it a unique jagged look. $25 Shipped: A nice starter portion (two 6-8" strands) of Dragon's Tongue Macroalgae. Ever since I started growing macros in my reef tank, I’ve seen an explosion in my copepods. This macroalgae is a bit more slow-growing and most appropriate for more established systems with lower dissolved nutrient loads. Just ordered 48oz of Pods and 48oz of Ocean Magik to add to the Chaeto in our fuge for our 150G…, I have some red ogo on the way, i’m super excited. My FB Page: In this CoralFish12g video I highlight Pedro's 34g Solana cube tank. Love macroalgae! Look for an order in the near future. Live Dragon's Breath Tongue Fire Macro Algae Plant Refugium Coral Reef Saltwater quantity. I love the look of red micro algae in tnaks!! info in comments [Help] Close. I love red macros, I am trying to grow them in the display . Very informative! It is highly valued by reef aquarists as an ornamental macroalga due to its bright red coloration and deeply furcated, flame-shaped fronds. This morning I watch one eating some of my dragons tongue algae. 5 in the Inner Sanctum (Markarth) 2. For example, if you have a newish refugium (or even a new system) and nutrient levels remain high and/or unstable, you might want to go with an ogo (or mixture thereof). As red ogo grows out in the refugium, older growth can be harvested and fed to herbivorous fish as a nutritious snack. I love the red dragons tongue and the clean chaeto!! It will be a throwback to my planted fresh water tank days while still being a beneficial nutrient export for the main reef tank. Great educational information. This red macro algae has long ribbon like strands forked with multiple tongues. Quick View. They do a great job in my nano tanks. What is the best macroalgae for nutrient export and possibly a treat for my Tang gang. I am hoping to get some of the blue algae when it comes back in stock! I have some Red Ogo in my fuge now and it grows fast. We are looking for more stuff we can grow in the fuge! Should order more. adroll_version = "2.0"; You get 1 bunch size of a baseball like in the picture with the hand . I harvest a 5 gallon bucket full of chateo every month. Guess I need to pick up some Ogo to have to feed the tang. Looking forward to a mandarin after pods are established. Archived [Help] Need help with Dragons Tongue macro algae! This thread is archived. The body of the macroalgae is a deep red, while the new growth tips are more orange. Thanks for the information about the clean microalgae, I have had some red pom pom in my fuge for a while now and it actually grows compared to chaeto which I cant manage to keep alive. Planning on getting some once I get my fuge set up. Now, depending upon intended use and even the keeper’s aesthetic tastes, some combination of green or red algae might be cultivated together. Part of the Halymenia genus, this algae does best when attached to rock/rubble. Just as cool as a display. I once had a red macro algea which I now can’t remember the name of and it spread all over my sump because it wasn’t holding together. Would this grow with sunlight from a window. Add to cart . Live Dragon's Breath Tongue Fire Macro Algae Plant Refugium Coral Reef Saltwater | eBay Skip to main content I’m literally in the process of building a refugium add on for my AIO system. I really should diversify the algae in my fuge, I would also like to grow some in my display if reef lighting will grow them. Though it is quite attractive in the main tank, it can be used in the refugium for steady (but slow) nutrient export similarly to leafy sphere macroalgae. I’m working on how to incorporate a refugium, as I do not have a sump. Nice read, good to know there is more than just cheato. Been needing to do more research this was help, as was one of the answered questions in the comments. What would you recommend for folks who want to use macroalgae as part of their display tank? One very notable change is the greater diversity of macroalgae used, including Red Macroalgae. 1 Locations 2 Potions 3 Gallery 4 Appearances Windhelm, heading south along the road toward Mzulft. Awesome info, always kive individual species breakdowns! Halymenia sp Dragon’s Tongue is a very popular macroalgae for the marine aquarium as it is a great live algae for the Reef Display Tank. This is great info! Saltwater equivalent of plants. Looking to get some PomPoms, they look Nom Nom! If your looking for a stunning red macro algae full plant not frags take a look at our cultured red Dragons Tongue macro algae.

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