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Jarth | Degenerated Dragons (Duma), Friege Series. Nohr Despite a grueling duel, Corrin barely emerges victorious. Although angered that they did not kill the Sage and their continuously "loopholes", Iago tells Corrin they technically fulfilled King Garon’s order, despite not killing the Sage himself and warps away to inform Garon. Fire Emblem Warriors features a wide cast of characters from games Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Fire Emblem: The Type of Villain In Chapter 25, inside the castle, Corrin gives Iago the naginata as proof they killed Hinoka. Iago reemerges following the conclusion of the fierce defense put up by Yukimura, where he and Hans kills all of the Hoshidan prisoners of war who surrendered, but not including Sakura, Subaki and Hana. As Corrin makes their journey through the Woods of the Forlorn, Iago summons numerous Faceless in order to kill Corrin and stop them from completing the mission. Iago attempts to have Corrin executed for not complying with Garon's orders, but Garon does not care anymore and allows it to pass as they have conquered Hoshido. Iago's mixture of underhanded and cowardly tactics have earned him the scorn and distrust of nearly all of the Nohrian army's soldiers, especially the Nohrian royals, (mainly Xander and Leo) and even King Garon to an extent, who describes him as a "useless pawn". Thales | Solon | Kronya | Cornelia Arnim | Myson | Nemesis, Flame Emperor Army June 21, 2016 by xkan. Nergal | Sonia Reed | Ephidel | Limstella | Denning | Jaffar | Lloyd Reed | Linus Reed | Ursula | Pascal | Brendan Reed | Darin | Uhai | Kenneth | Jerme | Aion | Boies, Others Yes or no - Results (80 votes) Yes. Iago then brings up the fact that Camilla had joined Corrin's army to support his disagreement, resolutely maintaining a stance of suspicion against Xander. User Info: leseall. This poll is now closed. Duma | Jedah | Nuibaba | Medusa | Marla | Hestia | Tatarrah | Mikhail | Garcia | Dolth | Gharn | Cerberus | Naberius | Hades | Aurum | Argentum, Grieth Pirates Although Xander and the others try to stop them from killing any more prisoners, they are halted by Garon, who threatens to execute them for treason if they continue in their protests. Nohr Tactician Name (JP) In English version, he was voiced by Walden James in Fire Emblem Fates, and by Kirk Thornton in Fire Emblem Warriors, and Fire Emblem Heroes (he was credicted as Ron Allen in the latter). Iago is a character and the secondary antagonist in the Birthright and Conquest routes of Fire Emblem Fates and a minor antagonist in the route of Revelation. Hans joins Iago, asserting the impossibility of Xander being convinced to join Corrin's cause, to which Iago disagrees. Unfollow. He then has Ryoma, Xander, and Corrin attack the remaining the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings and their allies (currently consisting of the Alytolisan and Ylissian forces) before confronting them himself. Iago helplessly watches as he is executed by Leo once and for all, dying in vain as Corrin foiled his schemes to kill them, as well as failing to make them suffer, also providing retribution to the innumerable lives lost at the hands of Iago's schemes as well as ending their reign of tyranny over the innocent. Surtr | Laevatein | Laegjarn | Helbindi, Dökkálfheimr Though Corrin refuses, the Rainbow Sage decides to take his own life instead, sparing them the pain. When the Nohrian army reaches the Great Wall of Suzanoh, Iago leads his forces to attack the Hoshidan's defences along the wall, tasking the Avatar and their group to defeat their core legion, led by Takumi. Felicia (Fire Emblem) Macbeth | Iago; Garon (Fire Emblem) Takumi (Fire Emblem) Silas (Fire Emblem) Threats of Violence; Rational!Corrin; God can you imagine if a Reasonable person were given command of Peri? He excels at witchcraft and employs foul play and manipulation in his schemes to bend others to his will. In the spin-off hack n’ slash Fire Emblem Warriors, Iago is the main antagonist of the Fire Emblem: Fates chapters. 125 notes. In this play, Macbeth and his wife devise a plan to assassinate the king and claim the throne, marking their ruin. Iago is shocked and angered that his plans failed yet again, as Corrin then declares that peace is coming and he can't stand in their way anymore and threatens to kill Iago once and for all. Corrin, having had enough of Iago's threats and schemes, stands up to Iago and Hans, stating that they may be from Nohr, but they will punish them all the same. Xander seeks an audience with Garon, and Iago wonders if Corrin was a bad influence on him. Unfollow. During the performance, a mysterious songstress uses her song to curse Garon, causing him extreme discomfort. Iago plays a bigger role in Conquest than Birthright. Note: Iago will use his staves from the highest to lowest in his inventory on all difficulties. When his plans fail and backed into a corner by his enemies, Iago abandons his pride and attempts to beg, whine and plea for his life to be spared with not even a shred of shame, regret or dignity. Iago begs Leo to save him, but Leo has grown sick of Iago's deceitful tactics and disgracing Nohr by unwilling to accept defeat, stating that he will kill him. He is also rather arrogant and egotistical; believing himself to be a mage of unrivaled power and intellect. Images of the Iago voice actors from the Fire Emblem franchise. However, Corrin successfully manages to reach out to Takumi, granting him temporary control and Azura the ability to sing her song to free Takumi from Iago's mind control. Arrogant and egoistic to a fault, Iago believes his intelligence to be unrivaled, although this belief of his is ironically contrasted by the stark failure of the vast majority of the plans that he crafts. Hobby Rudolf | Berkut | Jerome | Seazas | Magnus | Mueller | Zakson | Gazelle | Lawson | Xaizor | Blake, Duma Faithful With no other choice and since Garon cannot protect him any more, Iago is forced to fight against the Nohrian siblings along Garon's loyalist, hoping to finally kill Corrin for good. He is also greatly disliked by the Nohrians siblings, mainly Leo and Xander, with them showing disdain against him for showing disgrace to Nohr and for his numerous attempts to have Corrin killed. dailycutefeboys . Bloom | Reptor | Hilda | Ishtar | Ishtore | Kempf | Reinhardt, Silessa Corrin defeats Hinoka, but is unwilling to kill her and asks that she give her naginata as proof of her demise and manages to send her hiding behind Garon's back until the war is over. Lustful for achieving success in life, Hans abuses the power ceded to him in order to attain his goal. However, they are stopped by Xander and their Nohrian siblings, who have become distrustful of Iago for his schemes and selfishness towards Corrin and swear to kill him and Hans for disgracing Nohr's honor and they are taking it back from them. King Garon,”, “I must congratulate you for making it as far as you have. When Corrin protests, Leo manages to drag them out of the situation by stating that they were tired, before Iago and Hans leave to begin their killing spree. Akinori Egoshi Iago's Half Mask; Obtained From Iago Iago's Half Mask (マクベスのハーフマスク, Makubesu no Hāfu Masuku) is Iago's gold-ranked rarely dropped material. Nationality Ryoma challenges Corrin to a duel, but is defeated by them.

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