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It's mobile, so you set your own hours. Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000 Royalty Fee: $500/yr. Franchise owners have the support of a network of owners and the excitement of connecting to their local community by delivering fun, bold flavors in our unique shaved ice. That’s why Tikiz offers a complete online collection of branded promotional products, apparel, customizable marketing materials and much more to help launch and operate your Tikiz Business. Tikiz also assists with launching your social media, online and local advertising efforts. The Tikiz menu consists of Hawaiian Shaved Ice & pre-packaged Ice Cream. Oh, and not to mention, the entire truck is NSF-approved, making it much easier to get your truck approved for the health department in your state. We’ve put a lot of thought and research into the KEV (Kona Entertainment Vehicle). When you’re deciding to go into business for yourself, wouldn't it be nice to not have to mortgage your house just to have a shot at profitability? Franchisees also partner with schools, teams, youth groups and other community groups for fundraising events. Graduate with all of the tools and knowledge to get your new Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream business successfully opened. Franchising regulations, you must have the FDD in your possession for at least 15 calendar days from the day you receive it. If you have more questions about booking Kona Ice for your school, the best place to start is by contacting your local Kona franchise! ... Marketing your business to potential customers is the most important factor to help your franchise succeed. In a franchise, you will pay a franchise fee just to get into the business, you will buy and be limited by territory, and each year you will pay royalties back to the corporate entity. You don’t have to pay expensive rent, utilities, high payroll and product costs like other traditional retail business due to Tikiz being a mobile operation. And you just can't beat our quick and easy startup process. The mobility, flexibility and profitability (not to mention the fun!) A looming cloud of crippling debt isn’t fun for anyone. An investment of $110,750, includes a franchise fee, inventory pack and truck. And not just from a distance. 5. Review the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). Award Franchise and execute Franchise Agreement, 8. Snowie does not sell a franchise, but rather, an optimal shaved ice business opportunity. A return to our cherished memories was the inspiration for Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream. Due to F.T.C. Start your own business with our Tropical Sno shaved ice business opportunities. LEARN MORE . The Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream Truck was designed from the ground up to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Don’t Start a Shaved Ice Franchise, Own Your Own Business. 1. Looking to buy a shaved ice franchise? The gross markup on a shaved ice … We're different from every other franchise out there. Our franchise is quickly growing with over 180 locations across the country. The novel coronavirus pandemic did not dampen Noel and Jasmine Bourroughs’ first summer running a mobile Kona Ice truck in Fairfax and the City of Falls Church. Thank you for submitting your information. This type of unit is a nice option because of the endless opportunities available by selling on-the-go. Mobile Shaved Ice Truck Ranked as a Leading Low-Cost Franchise Investment. Kona Ice franchisees bring their trucks to events to serve up shaved ice that customers can flavor themselves. We're all about the experience, and we want your experience to be just as great as your customer's. Fax completed application to 954-354-1472 or email to It's the ultimate "be your own boss" business. In fact, their first season of operating the franchise was so successful they decided to expand. Bright smiles and bright colors greet them, along with a cornucopia of icy goodness. We have shaved ice franchise packages to fit every budget! Make the schedule work for you, not the other way around. This allows the Tikiz Operator to take orders quickly, produce their products within seconds, collect the cash or credit for the order and move on to the next customer. Buy a Mobile Hawaiian Shave Ice Franchise For Sale Business For Sale In United States | GlobalBX - World's #1 FREE Business For Sale Exchange! When you count the shaved ice truck and the initial inventory pack that you'll need to get up and running, the company lists the initial investment cost at a whopping $123,150. we bring to the table, allows us to be the most involved business in each of our communities across the country. Low investment, low overhead & high profits in a FUN and flexible, mobile childhood memory-making machine. Annual royalty fees are 6% of revenue per year which includes marketing. While they love connecting to customers, the Pendersons also embody the franchise’s model of giving back to their community. You can make this business whatever you want it to be. Click here to download the Franchisee Brochure. Mobile concession trailers or trucks make great shaved ice stands. As of March 2015, the company had more than 600 franchise locations in 43 states. A return to our cherished memories was the inspiration for Tikiz Shaved Ice and Ice Cream. Looking to buy a shaved ice franchise? You can know that you're making a tangible difference. - 700163839 You can with Kona Ice. A Shaved Ice Business Opportunity. We're not like most franchises - no brick and mortar in our simple business model. Did you know, the Tikiz Truck is equipped to serve, Stationary equipment for storing product and syrup preparation, Truck, equipment, computer hardware and related items, Travel and living expense while in training See Note (7), Employees or staff, airlines, rental car agencies, restaurants, hotels, etc…. Lamb is Kona Ice's CEO. 6. When we started this company, we wanted the franchise to be affordable. Proprietary Nutritional Product: Through Kreations Flavoring, we provide a product that meets all of the federal nutritional standards for schools. Kona Ice is a mobile, Hawaiian-style shaved ice truck franchise based in Florence, Kentucky. You will receive our welcome packet, Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), and other materials describing the Tikiz Franchise Opportunity. Send me info & download the Tikiz Franchising Brochure! Delivered by a trustworthy operator who arrives in the Coolest Truck On Earth™. Schedule & begin training at “Tikiz University”. Complete the Tikiz Franchise Application, 2. The custom Surv-Board® allows customers to dispense their own fruit syrup creations which makes the user experience more fun for all ages. What better way than to put a smile on your customers’ faces than with the patented Surv-Board®! That's why we like to call Kona Ice the ultimate "be your own boss" business.

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