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6) Name of the next level of the skill (name of lvl1 if the skill is not bought yet, or name of last level if the skill is maxed), along with level requirements before it can be bought (written in red if character is too low, or with white if character meets them) and skill point cost. You buy things in it by using Aeria Points (AP for short), which must first be bougth for real life money, or won in few events/contests that are held. If you will need to use Instant Heal or Recovery if you have it right AFTER the dispell. There are two rare versions. They have are named like the common ones, and always give +9 to stat appropriate to the name, and have one of four secondary bonuses. First Categorization Instant Debuffs: Those are fixed damage dealing debuffs. Some other powerful attacks also consume mana. The effect does run in game time (logging off stops it). It seems that the latter take priority over dexterity effect, aka. Description: After use, the characters minimum and maximum physical attack rating rises by 65 for 3 hours. To do so, you should cast healing (or healing prayer at higher levels) whenever the tank get’s some more serious damage. Ultimate Mode is permanently deleted if not resurrected in time. Cost: 99AP, Small Prevent of EXP Drop In-Game Description: Prevents EXP loss from dying for 7 days. Effect vanishes after first death. Effect remains after character dies. Sonic and Flash Lapis – Only from various AP promotions. The effect does run in game time (logging off stops it). If you have usable points, “+” allows you to add them to corresponding stats. If you need to use them at the start of battle, then you shouldn’t even try to take so many of those mobs in the first place unless your nukers/attackers are taking the mobs in first few seconds. Physical Melee: Physical melee damage is dealt by great majority of weapons. It deals 50% less damage on fire targets. spanky-shaiya is 100 free if your willing to take the time to enjoy shaiya made for pvp and the game [max lvl 80] 80 weapons and armor all maps unlocked start with 45 ele weapon [max stat point s for um is 1024] we hope to see every one there. Um jogo MMORPG gratuito da Aeria Games. That means faster heals through less casting time in-between spells. Cost: 299AP, Small Eternal Endurance In-Game Description: Items’ Endurance will not decrease for 7 days. Their important loot consists of drop limited by time weapons. This one include Strength Remedy, Reaction Remedy, Dexter Remedy, Lucky Remedy. Description: After use, for 7 days, no item in possiession will lose endurance, which prevents lessening it’s effectiveness through use. What is a lapis? Any character can take them out though, it seems.The item is persistent and counts in real life time. My name is Krystian. or 4str, 1rec and 2dex or 3str, 2rec and 2dex. I will say which class have it by saying that weapon is such and such classess weapon. To spice it up a bit, they were given healer, quite making humans the “templars” of Shaiya. Drops lvl56 weapon and two lvl53 goddess armor pieces. “So why!” Because it have recharge. Can be used only by tanks. Moment later, the loot is permanently lost. Dark Blue: Two or three levels lower. Portal is in the middle of Arktuis Vill on map 2. 1 Posts 1 Topics First, it have too little stat points to successfully attack many and survive. We're glad to announce that our open beta testing is starting! 1v1 Battle System. “Special” can’t be opened on Easy Mode. There is no way for UM to lose any amount of experience. Game will be exited and player will be taken to the character screen where the new character name will need to be entered. All of them can be dispelled, though many only by level 3 Dispel. That gets worse with each level you gain. It is not persistent, so like buffs, death ends it prematurely. It’s unlocked after leveling NM character to lvl40. DON’T EVER say “Lupers” in trade chat. Our game collection consists a variety of genres, including FPS, RTS, MMO, Anime, and other action multiplayer games. Exchange Rate History. Thin Meats are dropped by animals, like Wolves or Bears. If the skill is used after the character began attacking normally, it will continue to use basic attacks after the skill is used. This map is a jungle with dinosaurs. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Shaiya is a RPG massively multiplayer game developed by Sonov Entertainment. Black Market KY, located at 2313 W. Market … What To Do Week 2 of Shadowlands: Weekly and Daily Activities List. This overview not only includes the Shaiya Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. They glow. Dolama and Delano are east of Keolloseu. Check the category here: = Weekly Offer = With 4 new and easy categories: = Characters = = Weapons = = Wolf Items = = Power = Cryptic One/Immortal – Spawned during maintance. The phrase conjures up images of back alleys and illegal payments. STR – Strength – increases base physical melee damage, 1str = 1.3 attack – increases base physical ranged damage, 1str = 1 attack, REC – Reaction or Recovery – increases physical defense, 1rec = 1 defense – increases Hit Points, 1rec = 5HP, INT – Intelligence – increases magic damage, 1int = 1.3 magic attack, WIS – Wisdom – increases magical attack accuracy – increases magic damage, 5wis = 1 magic attack – increases magic defense, 1wis = 1 resistance – increases Mana Points, 1wis = 5MP – increases HP healed by wis-dependant healing spells, 1wis= +2HP healed, DEX – Dexterity – increases physical attack accuracy – increases physical attack evasion chance – increases Stamina Points, 1dex = 5SP – increases base physical damage, 5dex = 1 attack, LUC – Luck – increases critical hit chance, 5luc = 1% – increases critical hit max attack, 1luc = 1.5 max damage on critical – increases critical hit evasion – increases base shooting damage, 3luc = 1 attack, 4) Suggested (classic) NM build: The tested and proven builds that allow the character to level effectivel in their basic roles. Custom Bosses. It is not persistent, so like buffs, death ends it prematurely. This is the most basic, and is not so much a strategy as simply spamming AoE. Cost: 24AP, Double Warehouse In-Game Description: Doubles the warehouse size for 30 days. You do not need linking hammers to link lapis to gear. or 4int and 1wis or 3int and 2wis Ranged Attacker: 3str and 2dex! aggro from a debuff-immune mobs like bossess. Continuous Resurrection Rune is buff-like item that works for 3h. They have no slots but large stat bonuses and some have faster attack speed. Never grind on blue field mobs, whatever your mode. Cost: 249AP, Defense Nostrum XT In-Game Description: Increases physical, shooting, magic defense-power by 50 for 1 hour. Obviously it had (and still have) quite a lot of errors, some of which hopefully are fixed in this one. Experience is and strength is normal or very close to it. Description: After use, the inteligence stat of the user rises by 20 for 2 hours. That’s attacker (fighter/warrior), tank (defender/guardian), healer (priest/oracle), nuker (mage/pagan), killer (ranger/assassin) and ranged attacker (archer/hunter). Usually have dex and str bonuses. Only the character that used this item get this benefit. Earth is dealt 50% less damage by water attacks, 20% less damage from non-elemental attacks and normal damage from earth and fire attacks. Normal Mode (NM): Stat points/lvl: 5 Skill points/lvl: 3 One of two modes available from beginning. We have 3 new items: - Exotic Antique Gold Chest (Yellow weapon/armor 100 materials) - Exotic Antique Platinum Chest (Yellow weapon/armor 100 materials + Boss Emblem) - Crystal Guard General Seed Packet (Armor GvG 90 seeds) Purchase these new items by using your Crystal . With levels, the skills may be stronger (like whether two or three attacks from Pain Excruciator), and some mobs from map 1 get a new skill at higher levels. Max. Effect remains even after dying. Any one Charm can be used with one Experience Stone. Dead mobs respawn (“revive”) automatically after set amount of time depending on the mob in question. Remember that even though ranger can kill much stronger mobs with less risk than other classess (although only if both Tetanus and Stun Crash works on them, and Gruesome Attack and Venom Strike helps too), that’s not worth the time spend to do so. That said, these are the reviving options UM’s possess: 1) Priests skill, Resurrection, but only lvl2 and lvl3. Cantabilian: Borderland for levels 20-30. Description: Allows to change existing characters name. A bit slow attack speed, high damage. Description: After use, the wisdom stat of the user rises by 20 for 2 hours. Lapis are gems that can be added to items with slots. Jackpot Alchemy - November 20th Usually have str and rec or dex bonus. Item mall is the thing that keeps this game (and quite a lot of other free games) going. Levels of Fatal Hit and Stun Crush also change the strategy. It is not persistent, so like buffs, death ends it prematurely. Never try grinding on red mobs. As being “the best” is pretty straightforward, in it’s place, I’ll write about what to look for in the end-game. Dead players can be revived with options depending on the mode of that character. It’s the only place you can set up your indyvidual shop (which I will tell about a bit later in this chapter) and buy from other persons shops. It counts in real life time, so logging of doesn’t stop it. The global carbon black market was valued at $17.5 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $23.0 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2019 to 2026. 30 of them are needed for lvl29 helmet quest, and another 30 for lvl43 epic quest. Is supposed to take groups of mobs on himself to allow other characters freely and safely AoE them to death. Not that there is no archer build with “!”. Cost: 999999AP (Not for sale…), Ultimate Item Pocket In-Game Description: Gives a random item for characters in Ultimate Mode. 3) Bless: Bless is a state affected by the amount of relics controled by the faction, and is shown by a bar on the bottom right side of the screen. 2-handers- Attackers weapon. Claws and reverse swords. That said, I can say where are dropped most important gears: NM: Lvl50-53 Dread Set may be dropped by the special mobs in Cloron’s Lair/Fantasma’s Lair, right before dragons cave (they have long recharge times and are very strong). In HM, there are few ways to keep it. When it is turned on, all items (with exception of low quality or quest items) are given to party leader instead, as long as he/she have space in the backpack. Don’t ever use Enhanced Windspin or Wild Wild Dance agains’t only one mob. Magical damage is based on Magical Attack Rating (Magic on character tab), which is derived in this manner: Int*1.3 + Wis*0.2 + Weapon Attack. HM mounts: They can be used by HM and UM. On the left part of it, there are four tabs named “Passive”, “Basic”, “Combat” and “Special” respectively. Witchs Essence is obtained from Harpies and Leopardless. HM characters have additional skills, additional quests, and can use some of the gear that is not accessible to NM. Cost: 599AP, Name Change Stone In-Game Description: Allows player to change their character’s name. All but Ultimate Mode risk losing experience (and if killed by player in PvP/GvG items) if killed. weapons are dropped by Cryptic Immortal (dragon form of Cryptic One). 1.Our promise for Shaiya Gold sending is 8 mins-24 hours. D) Recreation and recreation runes. Archer and Hunter: Ranged Attacker: Always try to start the battle at max range (unless you’re sure shorter one will bring no issues whatsoever, which is a case at high levels). Some of the more common questions GS’s get asked, and their answers. If you have bless, and lack pots, SP and MP, it’s better to not do anything and wait for them to refill, instead of using normal attacks. Portal to this is in Keolloseu near the Gate Keeper and Blacksmith. Effect vanishes after first death. It deals 50% less damage on earth targets. Resistance: Resistance is a stat derived from wis (1 wis = 2 resistance) and armors. I became active on forum month after I became playing, although I did read threads before that. HM: Lvl50-53 Legend Set is dropped by two bossess. After obtaining 40 level, account is flagged as one with unlocked hard mode (on the server you did reach it only). Water attacks deal 40% more damage to fire targets, 20% more to non-elemental targets and normal damage to water and wind targets. Before getting the proper AoE skills, you can use Heavy Swat on multiple targets one by the other, using Ground Boom, then choosing one and debuffing it (using Panic) and keep attacking it until it’s dead, Heavy Swat ends on others, or Ground Boom is no longer on recharge. Lvl1 and 2 Dispel, as well as pots (with exception of Venom Cure), can remove some of those. For a long time, I was very active (as my post count proves), and until around 2500 posts, the majority of my posts, by far, were in suggestion forums, gameplay forum or announcements, if my memory serves me right. Can also be bought from Apulune/Iris Accessory Merchant. Unlike fighter/warrior your job is less of killing them off, more of giving time to the tank. There are two dungeons on this map, both can be visited by both factions, with each faction having their own entrace (which still can be used by all, as far as I know). Bless gives various bonuses, depending on how much the faction possessess of it. All (I know of) can be bougth. Only the character that used it have it’s effect. I’m not actively visiting PvP maps, so I would appreciate help from the more experienced players to fix the possible errors and add information I missed. Further I’ll mention others as well. My name is Krystian. You can’t use portal to this map before obtaining 20 level, nor after getting 31 level. Fire attacks deal 40% more damage to wind targets, 20% more to non-elemental targets and normal damage to fire and earth targets. All the other pieces are dropped by Cloron Troll/Fantasma Troll. Armor: Heavy Armor: Usable by tanks and attackers. GM’s on occasions offer character revival promotion. Though it is possible to unequip weapon, no action is possible but movement unless one is used. Any one Charm can be used with one Experience Stone. This part of damage is fixed. Also, dragon boxes can give legend, high level armors. Shaiya Immortal, presents a 4.5 server, 100% stable and reliable, where you find principal purpose funny PVP. Cost: 199AP, Prevent of EXP Drop In-Game Description: Prevents EXP from dropping for 24 hours even when dead. Normal attack speed, mediocre damage. There is one capital city for each faction. Obviously, it won’t deal anything serious, but it will keep generating even more aggro. If the quest does have a time limit, the reward in experience and gold will increase, and chances are that additional reward will be given, that would normally not have place. Debuffs: Debuff is a type of attacks that can be separated in two ways, each into two categories. When maximum health drops in the game, the current HP does not change unless it’s higher than the new max amount. Lvl56 weapons are dropped by all bossess in Crypticone Throne, but Cryptic One and it’s dragon form. After recording a point, player can use Teleportation Stone to instantly teleport to one of those. There was no reason for making them then, thus it’s possible you’ll only see them here. Cost: 349AP, Large Extraction Hammer In-Game Description: Use this hammer to extract Lapis with an excellent success rate. There is a total of six such maps. Chapter 10, In-game Item Mall Items —————————————————————-Chapter 1, Introduction: Hi. All mob skills have recharge, even if they emulate class skill without one. weapons are dropped by all bossess in Crypticone Throne, but Cryptic One and it’s dragon form. on modes and builds), you must get the most of every point you have. “Lvl5” Helmet Lapis – Only from various AP promotions. There is no way of saving either with battle-tanks in AoE attacks. Bring a characther, choose your level and start the game with the free armour in NPCS of black market, where you will find npcs of exclusive ítems to be the best. Funny is that it works fine for lapis. To get to Desert 2, you must go through Desert 1. Missess does not dismount you, but skills that does no miss (even if they can fail) does always. Description: Have few second casting time after which it instantly teleports to capital city (Apulune for AoL or Iris for UoF). As Tank: Here, ALWAYS use Aura of Thorns. Killer: Have the fastest attack in game, but the lowest base damage of all the physically oriented classess. Worship- Those are found in low level dungeon. They vary from sonic (granting higher speed, 1% chance to link and always break upon failure), through perfect (+X to all stats, depending on level, +7 for lvl3, don’t break gear and I heard have 50% link chance) to flash (boosts attack speed by one, but that’s all I know). Drops lvl56 weapon. All Physical Melee attacks are instantaneous (no casting time). Sixth boss of Crypticone throne. Shaiya is available on PC. Our SY Gold list has been last updated on November 25, 2020. Basically, if a mob does anything other than move, it’s aggroed. Only the character that used it have it’s effect. The most important of them is a bless (more information on it in next chapter). Cost: 1799AP, Red Phoenix Charm In-Game Description: After activating the Phoenix Charm prevents EXP loss from dying, increases EXP gain by 20 percent, increases gold dropped from mobs by 50%, gives 4 possible Recorded Points and doubles the warehouse size. Your attack being slowed, means that you heal slower as well, which would be like making the mobs stronger. It’s advised for everyone to always start with NM character. Is soloing class, and have hard time finding parties.

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