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is leetcode enough for facebook

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I asked for another month to prepare for the onsite. Now it's impossible to filter the pool with just 2 Software Engineers, so most likely we have to go through automated HackerRank style leetcode Online Assessments. My learnings: Start small and work up. For example, they will ask you questions like "Say what you know about 'tcp three way handshake four way handshake'", I was asked if i had read e.g. You get a large (~1000 as of this answer) collection of questions organized by difficulty. Sep 26, 2017 0. Extremely effective - if you know how to use it. Feb 11 0. I like interviewing candidates from Facebook and not asking leetcode questions to see their stunned reactions. July 10, 2018 4:45 AM. But thesedays algorithms are being valued, so we also use leetcode, but solving the leetcode hot 100 bug free is enough. Contest every week. LeetCode is a good tool for polishing your programming skills. But because everyone is doing LeetCode—and big tech recruiters know it—mastering LeetCode problems isn’t enough to land the job you want. If you practice smart and solve enough problems on Leetcode/CTCI, you’ll be in good shape. Random commentary: With enough Leetcode preparation, you do start to identify patterns or atleast your brain will try to fit new problems you see into something you have solved before. Bloomberg. Did a bunch of Leetcode and landed FANG at 32. I certainly don't think they needed 5 coding interviews to reject me, when my performance was pretty consistently mediocre. Apache Spark source code and answer how it runs. If you want to get ahead of your peers and give yourself the best shot at getting a big tech job offer, you’re going to need a better edge. LeetCode Contest. Don’t worry about the competition. Originally I was hoping to do meaningful non-leetcode interview rounds with lot of behavior introspection. Just want to share the craziness of the current job market. Compete and see your ranking! It got me past the bar for Amazon and Microsoft but not for Google/Facebook. The LeetCode solution has 3 ways to solve it, I did it using 2nd most optional solution and I think it was the right choice. Software companies want experience first, not necessarily good grades or algorithms chops. LeetCode is a good tool for polishing your programming skills. Afterwards, I watched a video on YouTube regarding Facebook interviews and they sometimes ask a question with multiple solutions with the most optimal solution being difficult to … LeetCode is a question bank. How much leetcode is enough? warriorme ohLU81, you are a confident guy. Writing good quality code goes a long way, not just in your day to day work, but even in interviews. Topics. Yes Leetcode is enough. I'd like to provide my career as a counter-example, which doesn't seem too rare among most software engineers that I know. feVX07 This is gold. Facebook. This irks me enough that I don't think I'd interview with Facebook again. Update: I got into Facebook! Grind leetcode all day until you can do hards without thinking. Comments: 1. 500 might be slightly excessive, but of course depends on the person. How well you do depends on how well you utilize it. If you want to get ahead of your peers and give yourself the best shot at getting a big tech job offer, you’re going to need a better edge. Sep 24, 2017 12 5 + View 3 more replies... Facebook. I won't be giving any details for the questions because of the NDA (and I …

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