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The Chaldean Cultural Center celebrates and explores the extraordinary history, arts, traditions, and contributions of the Chaldean people from ancient times to the present, serving as a repository of our collected history and stories into the next century. Celebrate Michigan Archaeology! All Rights Reserved. Founded in 1935, the Michigan Historical Collections is composed of more than 4,500 archival collections, 65,000 printed works, over 10,000 maps, and nearly 1.5 million visual images (including photographs, negatives, films, and videotapes). The company tried to muster at the beginning of the Civil War but were denied. These historic structures are linked by the History Plaza, which serves as a gateway to the beautiful John West Hunter Historic Park. Perhaps the most obvious natural resources in Michigan are the Great Lakes. Michigan History. The creation of the automobile industry: The first automobile company in Michigan was founded by Ransom E Olds in 1897. DPIC has recent­ly added four pod­casts to our new series on impor­tant facts about the death penal­ty in each state. The Canton Historical Museum houses collections of historic artifacts and documents which trace the history of Canton Township. Description: The Michigan Historical Review publishes articles relating to Michigan's political, economic, social, and cultural history. Shipwrecks are a wood and steel chronicle of the history of naval architecture on the lakes. We've put together an extensive list of links and materials to provide kids and their caregivers with plenty to do. Michigan Maps are vital historical evidence but must be interpreted cautiously and carefully. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is the agency of the state of Michigan charged with maintaining natural resources such as state parks, state forests, and recreation areas. The Arab American National Museum documents, preserves, celebrates and educates the public on the history, life, culture and contributions of Arab Americans. List of Michigan's Natural Resources The Great Lakes. Marie was founded by Father Jacques Marquette in 1668. | 5401 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202. Michigan History Firsts & State Facts. Bonus research prompts are also included. However, many more land ownership maps were published in 1876 for Michigan’s centennial. Third graders work in groups to study Michigan's natural resources. Michigan's inland lakes number approximately 35,000, and its …,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Another Ann Arbor, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 1989 to promote the history, culture, and concerns of African Americans in Washtenaw County. The Fund is capitalized with $500 million in proceeds from gas and oil leases and royalties on State land. A wide variety of history-related resources that may be helpful in your historical research. © 2020 Detroit Historical Society. It is the third oldest remaining settlement in the United States. Primary Resources (including images) Publication History 1917-1946: Michigan History Magazine 1947-1990: Michigan History 1990- : Michigan History Magazine. This chart shows links to statewide collections. Historical Maps of Michigan are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time. • Bureau of Business Research, Wayne State U. Michigan Statistical Abstract (1987). Michigan - Michigan - History: In the 17th century, the Native American population of what is present-day Michigan included the Ottawa, Ojibwa, Miami, and Potawatomi nations, all of which belonged to the Algonquian linguistic group. Michigan Department of Natural Resources was created: 1966: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is established: 1967: One of the largest riots in American history breaks out in Detroit amid racial tensions. Exhibits highlight the agricultural, governmental, and social history of the township. Marie by the Catholic Church as the Shrine of the Missionaries: 1969 NEW RESOURCES: Podcast Series on Each State's Death Penalty. Cultural Advocacy Network of Michigan (CAN) The Collective Voice for Cultural Organizations in Michigan. ; 1817 - In 1817 the University of Michigan was the first university established by any of the states. History of the Death Penalty. It is governed by a director appointed by the Governor and accepted by the Natural Resources Commission. This is a statewide collection for Michigan covering all periods from the days of exploration through to the present, with collections drawn from each of Michigan's 83 counties. 5. Copper. Michigan is the only one of the states to be split into two large land segments: the sparsely populated but mineral-rich Upper Peninsula (commonly called “the U.P.”) slices eastward from northern Wisconsin between Lakes Superior and Michigan, and the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula reaches northward from Indiana and Ohio.Indeed, for most Michigan residents, an upturned right hand serves … With many of Michigan's school-aged children learning from home this year, we would like to provide some fun and educational activities aimed at history and the outdoors. Discover the answer and more fun history facts as you build a timeline of Michigan state history with this free printable. See what you can learn about the home of the country’s first mile of concrete road, the world’s first four-way traffic signal, and more! Oct 16, 2014. Michigan offers graduate certificates in several cognate fields, including Museum Studies , a range of Area Studies fields, Medieval and Early Modern Studies and Science, Technology, and Society , among others. Michigan history was changed when state leaders eventually gave up Toledo in exchange for a large part of the Upper Peninsula. We're taking our annual Michigan Archaeology Day virtual for 2020! The pilings of thousands of abandoned docks tell of a time when transport by water was as important as transport by land. The Michigan Above-Ground Survey Manual provides information regarding approaches to identification, documentation, and evaluation of historic above-ground sites, buildings, and features in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Identification, Evaluation, and Preservation Planning. 1815 - The oldest county (based on date of incorporation) is Wayne. The first map of Michigan that listed landownership was the John Farmer 1855 Wayne County plat map. The Archives of Michigan continues to provide reference services by email and by telephone at 517-335-2576.. Daily updates will be provided on the DNR COVID-19 Information page. An archive of photographs and documents is also located onsite. COVID-19. Watch a lecture on the early history of the University of Michigan Hospital. Topic: Company K of the First Michigan Sharpshooters Description: Company K was made up of 139 enlisted Anishnaabe men and one officer from the lower and upper peninsulas. Resources & Research DIVE INTO U-M HISTORY. Seven state pod­casts are now avail­able: Michigan, Phone: 517.371.8080 Email:; Address: 313 E. César E. Chávez Avenue | Lansing, MI 48906 Michigan History: Topics. 1968: The Tower of History is built in Sault Ste. . The Bloomfield Historical Society encourages and creates a fuller awareness and understanding of the rich histories of Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township. Resources include videos from our state park interpreters, outdoor scavenger hunts, reading materials, free apps, websites, … Web Resources; Searching Michigan in the catalog; MI in the Civil War Toggle Dropdown. Michigan exhibits a geological diversity in its minerals, which are in the rocks and below ground all around the state. Eventually, the Army reversed its stance and decided to allow native peoples, including those in Company K, to enter the armed forces. Michigan borders four of the five Great Lakes. This year we bring together videos, maps and other resources so people of all ages can virtually access research projects happening across our state. Get Michigan facts, maps, and pictures in this U.S. state profile from National Geographic Kids. The Mackinac Bridge connects Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas. 1668 - Sault Ste. Or click through an online exhibit about the history of women at U-M and their frequent battles for educational equality. It was the 26th state to enter the Union in 1837. Engage with Michigan history at Michiganology, our companion website where we house our online digital collections, host a blog with unique stories we've uncovered through our collections and research, and post information designed for young learners. Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake that is entirely within the United States. COVID-19. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Archives of Michigan and the museums and historic sites in the Michigan History Museum System are closed to the public until at least March 1, 2021.. The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund budget contains appropriations for State and local public recreation projects. The Library of Michigan is home to a great diversity of local history materials, including: city and county histories, newspaper clippings, vital records, cemetery transcripts, and plat maps that can be accessed during the Library's business hours. Resources:Secondary sources including radio intervie… The DNR has about 1,400 permanent employees, and over 1,600 … They will make a timeline of events in Michigan history, research one natural resource, and create a multimedia presentation for the class. The five lakes - Ontario,... Inland Lakes and Rivers. The journal also welcomes manuscripts in American, Canadian, and midwestern history that explore important themes related to Michigan's past. Most of the tribes were related to the Algonquian group, who co-existed peacefully on the upper and lower peninsulas until the French set up shop, founding the town of Saute Ste Marie in 1668 as a base for Catholic missionaries. Listen to an oral history from William Hubbard, an African American U-M track athlete and 1924 Olympian. Holdings include the historical records and photographs of Ford Motor Company and The Henry Ford, the Henry Austin Clark, Jr., Automotive History Collection, and other major holdings in automotive, industrial, social and cultural American history. Called the "Great Lakes State" because its shores touch four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan gets its name from an … It began with the private library of Clarence Monroe Burton and contains many documents dealing with Detroit, Michigan, the Old Northwest, Canada and New France. Currently the Director is Daniel Eichinger. To find links to collections for lower jurisdictions (such as a county or town), go to Locating Online Databases..,, and can be searched free of charge at your local family history center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Michigan History. Michigan was the 26th state, admitted into the Union in 1837. Family History Research at the Library of Michigan. In recent years, History graduate students have pursued concurrent PhDs in Sociology and Comparative Literature, and pursued a joint PhD/JD through the Program in Race, Law, and History. It has over 10,000 lakes and the longest freshwater shoreline in the world. Sometimes Michigan is called the Wolverine State. Michigan Statewide Online Genealogy Records. History The state of Michigan was populated by many Native American tribes before the arrival of Europeans in the 17th century. Volumes for 1917-1977 has the format of a scholarly journal. This vast array of content is organized here through seven categories and frequently links to other sites and sources. Linking to U-M History The resources here represent everything from critical details in robust databases to videos from the university’s 2017 bicentennial. Schedule a Research Appointment Website is a forum for discussing the Great Lakes. The Museum features the 1822 John West Hunter House and the 1928 Allen House. The Bentley Historical Library houses the Michigan Historical Collections, which documents the history of the state of Michigan and the activities of its people and organizations. While these abandoned resources are collectively owned by the people of Michigan, relatively few individuals have direct access to them. Barriers they faced included stereotypes about native peoples. The Bentley Historical Library houses the Michigan Historical Collections, which documents the history of the state of Michigan and the activities of its people and organizations. Discover an overview of Michigan's rich history, heritage, historic events, and culture. Beginning with 1978, it has a magazine format.

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